... This third solo album has beefed up the sound a little from the previous two. Recorded live in the studio with a full band over seven days, Songs Of Our Years has a deep, rich sound, which is given a soul edge by added brass, particularly on The Other Side Of Green and What To Weep Is. The songs are largely about loss and redemption. From the heartbreak of What To Weep Is ('Oh, what to weep is / Am I the only one to weep alone') to the drama of Fruits Of The Season ('Then one fish, a young fish, leaps and dives / His gills agasp for air inside') and the promise of Tulips ('But tulips all around me grow / Yellow, red and orange glow') this is an emotional journey couched in compelling lyrics and beguiling melodies... Utterly charming.

... [her voice] adds a deftness and delicacy to the dark undercurrent that infuses her music. Walk On Low opens with a delicate finger-picked backing to the fragile vocal... slowly and imperceptibly it builds with a dark intensity, adding harmonium, a plaintive viola and densely layered harmonies. Deeply distorted guitars hover on the edge of perception until the song finishes as it begins, stripped of ornamentation. This wrong footing approach is deployed in different ways across the album. What To Weep Is matches its dissolute and desolate lyric with a jaunty folk-pop soundtrack. There's a smooth, jazzy tinge to Hammer On Wood whose lyrics underline the need to break away the facades we construct... Rarely has being led astray been more enjoyable.

As the tender vocals lilt, the strings ebb and flow – rising gently before being reigned in again, like subtle seasonal changes. Hammer On Wood shines with delicately dissonant phrases, unexpected interludes, percussive flourishes and pauses. This is clearly a musician’s record... As with Sandell’s previous output, her pure, angelic vocals contrast deliciously with dark themes.

... [her songs] prove on closer examination to contain altogether darker, chilling or sinister undertones. Check out the environmental commentary Fruits Of The Season for example: an inspired juxtaposition of imagery... Gill expertly holds the listener's rapt attention with her thought-provoking exploration of the differing perspectives that loss can bring.

... the combination of its key changes and the broad brushstrokes of the choir makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck every time... Songs Of Our Years is an understated gem of an album whose quiet introspection is tempered with an abiding optimism; it’s a rare blend and something to be treasured.

... a truly beautiful album of contemporary folk overflowing with delicate melodies and penetrating poetry. The songs flow between gently sensitive observation and unrelenting examination – revealing and illuminating, sombre and painful ... There’s a directness and honesty that lays down complex journeys through the acceptance of loss....

... With The Sickle Swing EP, Gill Sandell has created a solution to the dichotomy of rearranging studio recordings for the live stage which is both elegant and creatively successful, exposing the essence and beauty of the songs while remaining respectful to the emotional core of the originals. The Sickle Swing EP offers a vivid snapshot of one of the UK’s finest contemporary folk groups in top form and is an essential and very welcome addition to Gill Sandell’s impressive back catalogue.

On tour – September 2013

The Green Note proved to be an ideal venue for an intimate launch party; sold out in advance, amongst the audience were almost all the musicians who had contributed to the studio recordings... That Gill, Jo, Anna and Ted were able not only to recreate but also enhance the mesmerising beauty of Light The Boats in a live setting suggests to me that this is a group that deserves much wider exposure.

... The album is beautifully and thoughtfully crafted. Its poetic lyrics woven with expertly arranged compositions really make it worth sitting down and listening to. Sandell has excelled in creating her own breed of modern folk song, delicately laced with a more traditional folk feel.

Sandell follows up her 2010 debut with Light The Boats, a stunning album of her own unique songs... These solo albums confirm her stature as a songwriter and Light The Boats contains some real gems. Warm, enveloping and enthralling.

The lonesome windswept atmospherics of Every Willing Answer invoke a desolation that’s belied by the delicacy and pure beauty of Gill’s voice and the gentle rocking guitar accompaniment, providing a standout track and key musical experience...

You can feel the isolation that the wild island life encompasses. These are modern folk songs steeped in tradition and given hauntingly lush arrangements... The more you hear the more you discover lurking under the surface. Impeccable folk music for today.

Following on from Gill's debut solo album Tarry Awhile, these new songs once again showcase the singer's ability to almost control your mood, to place you the listener in an almost trance-like state. An exquisite album...

Light The Boats is an exquisitely written and performed album... If she wasn't there already, Gill Sandell has stepped into the premier league of musicians and is rapidly becoming a must have in any selection of contemporary, traditional music...

This album is an object lesson in the art and craft of songwriting; a shimmering tapestry of sound with a mesmerising beauty, Light The Boats must surely rank amongst the year’s best records...

In fact, it's a gorgeous tapestry of ethereal folk vignettes... soothing and melancholy in equal measure. Rooms For Sleep is a perfect combination of this, Sandell's vocals washing through like waves, and it's a particular highlight on a very impressive album...

On tour – October 2011

The sound that emanated from just the two of them was simply captivating... Gill's pitch-perfect, pretty voice shimmering over the beautiful wall of sound that was produced.

She gives a capable account of herself on most instruments including flute, organ and delicately finger­picked guitar, confidently overlaying all with her breathlessly pretty voice.

This woman has a beautiful, clear, soft voice which more than matches the sparse strings and rich piano that accompany it. From the first track you can tell this is an accomplished musician.

Gill demonstrates an insightful writing style... there’s a little more of a folk-pop vibe to Wrap Your Treasure with accordion lines, impressive fiddle and ethereal harmonies. In sharp contrast, A Breeze Upon the Hill is much more traditional — a beautiful and reflective song that’s a duet with Owen Turner.

The arrangements are caressingly simple and sympathetic, often weaving a dreamy mood around her voice.

It's a very chilled album, beautiful in it's simplicity and relaxing, but not to a fault. There's something really refreshing about Gill Sandell's voice.

All the songs are Sandell originals with the exception of Wild Mountainside and Natalie Merchant's sublime Motherland , which Gill handles with no small helping of tender loving care... Gill opts for gentle and sparse piano accompaniment. Whilst the uplifting and optimistic Wrap Your Treasure provides the album with its one and only foot-tapper with a light pop sensibility, Magoo's Owen Turner duets with Gill on A Breeze Upon the Hill, a brooding winter lullaby... A sweet and tender album. A rare beauty.